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Ruggedly Sophisticated

We are not simply interested in selling you a product, we want you to have an experience.  Our goal is to create handcrafted beard care products derived from All Natural & Organic ingredients that will keep your beard looking healthy and well nourished. Unique and complex, our artisan scent profiles are carefully crafted to ensure that your experience is multi-dimensional, sophisticated and masculine. Being a small batch company we are constantly replenishing our inventory to make sure you get the freshest product possible. By infusing our beliefs of hard work, passion and creativity we have been able to offer a product that is founded on substance and originality.

Beard Care

“A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job.” John Wayne

A Transcendental Experience!

This only goes to prove that Abraham is truly a master at blending fragrances to create these amazing oils & balms.

Anthony R

Rip-Roaring Good Butter

The Red Lion butter is yet another great product from Barbu.

Anthony Ruscillo

Great handmade comb

I have to say this is the most beautiful comb I own! It glides through my beard! The leather case also looks amazing! 

Mike Guthrie

Gift code

Looking for something for that special beardsman? A gift code to our store is the perfect idea!