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$50 Gift Code Card

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Gift Code Card

Want to send that special beardsman in your life a gift? Not sure what to get him for Father's Day or any other holiday? or just because he is awesome? It's simple with Barbu Beard Co.'s Gift Code Card.

Simply purchase one of our gift code card's available in $25, $50 or $100 dominations and we will email you a private code that you can then forward to your beardsman. Or you can just use his email during checkout so he gets it directly. He can then use the code to purchase anything from our product line. Including our handcrafted all natural and organic beard oils and balms to handmade wooden combs and much more.  

Is there a catch? NO, but we do have some requirements:

1. The gift code can only be used on (your personal code won't work with other merchants).

2. The recipient MUST use the entire amount in order for our system to recognize the code. Unlike standard gift cards he cannot just purchase one item and then use the remaining balance later, he would have use the entire amount at the time of purchase.  Of course he can order over the gift amount but the code will only cover the amount on the card. 

3. The code will only work once and for one customer.

4. The gift code will NEVER expire. So if he happened to have shaved off his beard he can use it once it grows back.