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The Zetetic Limited Edition Oil

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The Zetetic Limited Edition Oil

What you'll get

    One ounce (1 fl oz) of handcrafted all natural made with organic ingredients beard oil in a hand printed burlap sack, perfect for travel or being on the go. This oil comes with a dropper top and in a black glass bottle to protect the longevity of the oil and keep you satisfied.

    Story & Scent

      The Zetetic we collaborated with our friend and long time community member Steve Brown @steve_sbsoad_brown.
      When approaching Steve about the project, I learned of his interesting and mysterious hobby. Steve is what you'd call a "paranormal investigator". Particularly focusing in the spiritual realm.
      The term ZETETIC has its roots in Greek meaning an investigator or skeptic. We both found this term to be a perfect fit in addition to being unique and mysterious.
      This by no means is a "Halloween" themed scent. If you follow Barbu you already know that we stray from in the box thinking. This well balanced profile served two purposes; One to create a customized scent for Steve and second to perfectly illustrate the paranormal theme this oil possesses.
      This is something very unique that fits perfectly with the theme and title. This is a dark, earthy yet alluring profile. There are mid notes of Patchouli (even if you're not an immediate fan, it smooths out nicely), earthy notes of Oak Moss with a smokey base essence of Peru Balsam. In addition, there are other notes that compliment these primaries in ways that morph into a blend beyond your expectations. You will become a zetetic when you first take a sniff from bottle but once in beard it expands to another dimension. 


      Strength: Low Strong to Strong

      Longevity: 8 to 10 hrs

      Profile: Complex

      Essential and Perfume grade fragrance oils

      Carrier Formula

        A blend of all natural and organic carrier oils to ensure your beard stays nourished and hydrated. No artificial fillers or preservatives or water down junk in any of our products! We source our oils from the top brands on the market to ensure a healthy and satisfied beard. Carriers oils used in our products are: Organic Jojoba, Organic Argan, Organic Cold pressed pure Grape seed, Organic Sweet Almond, Organic Castor, Organic Moringa oil and Vitamin E.


          The last thing you need is runny ink on your hands when you are applying your oil. All our product labels are oil and water-proof.

          How to Apply

            Depending on your beard length place several drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together. Massage the oil into your skin and out onto your beard in a back and forth motion. Rub the left over oil into your hair or those faded out tattoos (if you have any).  Use our handmade in the USA, Barbu Beard Co. Walnut wooden comb and brush in a downward motion carefully not to graze the skin. If you need added hold use our Barbu Beard Co. beard balm to keep those little wild beard hairs in line. The Barbu Beard Co. bristle brush is also great to lightly shape your mane.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 1 review Write a review

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 1 review
            Michael vaughan
            Well thought out profile

            The Zetetic has become possibly my all time favorite profile. It has just about been an every day wear for me. Zetetic to me is a deep dark earthy scent. It is very grounding to me. It’s an extremely masculine profile that is not overpowering. It is very pleasing. My only complaint is that only 20 were made. If you missed out and this makes it back check it out.