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The DunDee Beard Butter

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The DunDee Beard Butter

Originally created as charitable oil for supporting The Salvation Army of Australia in assisting many of the people who became victims of the devastating fires in Australia. We decided to bring The Dundee back! But this time as a butter and permanent fixture to our line of amazing and unique butter profiles.


In developing this profile I wanted to encompass many of the scents familiar with the Australian landscape. The DunDee is a clean and refreshing profile that is pleasant and enjoyable as an everyday wear. Primarily, you will find mid to base notes of Australian Sandalwood and Cypress followed by subtle top notes of Eucalyptus and citrus. The juxtaposition of vibrancy and woodsy make for an amazing profile. Not only will you enjoy in beard but also help contribute to a amazing cause. Thank you for your support!

What you'll get

    Two ounces (2 oz) of handcrafted all natural beard butter made with organic ingredients in an AWESOME black screw top tin.  

    Carrier and Butter Formula

      A blend of all natural and organic carrier oils to ensure your beard stays nourished and hydrated through the night. No artificial fillers or preservatives or water down junk in any of our products! We source our oils from the top brands on the market to ensure a healthy and satisfied beard. Butters and Carriers oils: Organic white Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Organic Sweet Almond, Vegan/Non-GMO Kokum Butter, Organic Castor, Organic Coconut oil,Vitamin E and 100% Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils and perfume grade fragrance oil blend.


        The last thing you need is runny ink on your hands when you are applying your butter. All our product labels are oil and water-proof.

        How to Apply

          Using the back of finger nail, scrap a dime size amount and place in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together. Massage the butter into your skin and out onto your beard in a back and forth motion.  Use our handmade in the USA, Barbu Beard Co. Walnut wooden comb and brush in a downward motion carefully not to graze the skin. The Barbu Beard Co. boar bristle brush is also great to lightly shape your mane.


          *As a small batch company we maintain our products fresh by making small amounts. Therefore we never have products sitting on our shelves for very long. We suggest these tips for maintaining the longevity of our products.

          Keep products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure that you securely tighten caps and closures to avoid oxidation and scent loss. Avoid moisture and water from making contact with products. Especially products kept in the shower like Co-Washes and Beard Shampoo.

          Approximate shelf life:

          • Oils, balms and butters: 1 to 1.5 years
          • Beard Co-Wash (The Companion): 1 year
          • Beard Wash (The Accomplice) : 3 years

          The Dundee

          For Everyone 

          Strength: Moderate 

          Scent Duration: 8+/- Hrs


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review Write a review

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Steve Brown

          Barbu's beard butter has a consistency unlike anything else I've tried, and is my top feel in beard. This is a poured butters with beewax but don't let that fool you, this butter is super creamy and melts down instantly. This is one of the few butters that stays in my beard all night locking in moisture, which makes it easier to style my beard in the morning after a cold water rinse. The Dundee profile is refreshing & clean thanks to the cypress & eucalyptus, which makes it perfect for nighttime. Unlike the other three butters from Barbu, the Dundee is the only one that has a matching oil that is in the permit lineup. Give this one a try you'll be happy you did!