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The Barlux (Bottle ONLY)

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The Barlux

A limited edition 25 each collaboration between Barbu Beard Co. and The Luxurious Bastard.

Over a year in the making, experience the most unique scent profile and finished product you have ever seen from two companies that pride themselves in originality and creativity. 

The scent is so unique that it is indescribable and cannot be placed into a category.  A long lasting yet not overpowering manly, dark and profound scent profile. 

What you will get

A unique scent profile like no other that harmonizes beautifully. Because we each gave 1/2 of our profile creating genius to this project (our ingredients are still unknown to each other) - I am unable to define, nor completely describe The Barlux. If I could describe it, I would have to say that it encompasses all the categories found in the scent spectrum while not emphasizing any one in particular. 

1 Exquisite 2 oz bottle coated with black PlastiDip for maximum tactile contact and a screw cap that has a bronze hammer finish. 

1 Eye dropper for dispensing.

1 Two sided all brass coin inscribed with both company logos on either side.

1 Certificate of Authenticity signed by both owners and marked with the edition number.

1 Wooden box with metal closure with a handmade foam insert wrapped with a velvet fabric. 

*Carrier Oils- for my half of the recipe I have used the same natural carriers found in other Barbu oils. All natural Jojoba, Grapeseed, Argan, Sweet Almond, Castor and Vite E. 

*This is a one of kind profile and collaboration. ONLY 25 will be sold. *Free Shipping does not apply. *NO discount codes will be recognized for this item.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

When these 2 guys team up, you know it's gonna be something special. Their creativity has given us another unique scent. I pick up Vanilla, cherry and liquorice. But there's more to it than that. Perhaps some sandalwood and a hint of tobacco. Just a well composed scent that has alot of Depth to it.
It has that scent that you could associate with a sophisticated man during the 1800s, the cologne of the old world. It gives that vibe, and judging by the design of the bottle, i bet that's the scent profile they wanted to create.
Glad i was able to snatch one up on the second offering, because this is truly nothing like i've smelled before.

Mike T

I’m not someone who leaves reviews, but I really felt I need to this time. I have been using beard care products for a over 4 years steadily. I found this company threw another company that I have been using for about two years, that company is Luxurious Bastard. I can’t leave this review without mentioning Mr Luxurious himself. Anyone looking at this I’m sure knows both companies worked together on this project. I can see way Mr Luxurious picked Barbu Beard Company to work with. The product came to my house in three days and the packaging was like something you expect from a high end retailer, personal note from the owner, carefully packaged products and little personal touch’s for end user that will definitely make me invest more into this company. Thank you for making products that exceed all expectations.