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A Warrior in the World by Keith Villanueva

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A Warrior in the World (Spiritual Samurai)

We are happy to carry this amazing book by Keith Villanueva. He is not only a loyal customer but also a veteran, civil servant, martial artist and author. He has written several books that inspire others through real accounts while focusing on mental awareness and spiritual awakening. 

Author: Keith Villanueva

Editor: Lindsay Miller

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There is a world within and a world without. Seamlessly knitting the two together can be tricky at times. As we make our way in the world, we often find ourselves unconsciously traversing our day to day lives. We tend to go on automatic pilot, living life in a way that is almost unconscious; the way we think, interact with people, our jobs, family life, and what we spend our free time doing.

There are times when we stop and contemplate on life and what can we do to get more out of it. It’s in these moments when we realize - this moment, this is all I truly have. What can I do to make the most out of life?During this moment of awakening one thinks about what and how can they change in order to reconnect with themselves and the things that are truly important to them. This book’s aim is to help readers follow this voice of the soul and to develop the ability to live our lives more consciously and vividly. Finding yourself is a beautiful thing. We learn to look at the good, the bad, the painful, and the beautiful - what we need to accept and what we need to manage.

A Warrior in the World is filled with timeless tales and real life stories that help you look at life on a multi-dimensional level. In this book, I point out things and ask you important questions that help you rediscover, and uncover your inner being, what is most important to you in life, and how you can live a life that is more in harmony with your true self. I will guide you through this process without sugarcoating anything. I will keep it very real with you along this inner journey. I will help you become more mindful of how you are unconsciously impacted by the world around you and how that affects you on many levels. Reconnecting with your true self is the journey that we will be going on together. I hope you are ready for this life changing journey. With this awakening you will make the impossible possible.

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