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The Enchantress Body Oil

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The Enchantress

We are proud to introduce our first product specifically curtailed for women. The Enchantress moisturizing body oil is a stabilizing, anchoring and tenacious, lovely earth-bound scent with subtle floral undertones and invigorating top notes of citrus.

Our handcrafted body oil is perfect for that special woman in your life to help maintain her smooth skin, moisturized and smelling beautifully bewitching. Unlike the artificial scents found in trendy store-bought lotions or creams.

The Enchantress is a refined feminine aroma crafted with citrus therapeutic essential oils and premium grade fragrance oils, free of Phthalates and Parabens.

We pride ourselves on developing complex profiles for our beard oils and have made sure that the same creativity and craftsmanship have been applied while developing The Enchantress. We use the same all-natural and organic carrier oils found in our beard oils, therefore, expect a medium consistency with easy absorption.

Why body oil?

Your skin naturally produces oil, called lipids. Essentially, they’re your skin’s natural fats. They keep moisture in and dirt & impurities out. They also help your skin’s natural repair process.

Use The Enchantress body oil when your skin is still wet/damp post-shower so that it can lock in that moisture and gives you tons of hydration. The oil gets absorbed into your skin, which treats it like its own, and leaves your skin super moisturized, soft and cuddle-able.

What you'll get

    One ounce (1 fl oz) of handcrafted all natural made with organic ingredients body oil in a hand printed burlap sack, perfect for travel or being on the go. Our oil comes with a dropper top and in a purple faded glass bottle.

    Carrier Formula

      A blend of all natural and organic carrier oils to ensure your skin stays nourished and hydrated. No artificial fillers or preservatives or water down junk in any of our products! We source our oils from the top brands on the market to ensure a healthy and satisfied beard. Carriers oils used in our products are: Organic Jojoba, Organic Argan, Organic Cold pressed pure Grape seed, Organic Sweet Almond, NON-GMO Coconut oil (only for The Pirate) and Vitamin E.


        The last thing you need is runny ink on your hands when you are applying your oil. All our product labels are oil and water-proof.

        How to Apply 

        Place several drops or more if needed into the palm of your hand and massage the oil into your skin preferably after you shower. The oil will lock in any remaining moisture and in turn hydrate and moisturize your skin.



        *As a small batch company we maintain our products fresh by making small amounts. Therefore we never have products sitting on our shelves for very long. We suggest these tips for maintaining the longevity of our products.

        Keep products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure that you securely tighten caps and closures to avoid oxidation and scent loss. Avoid moisture and water from making contact with products. Especially products kept in the shower like Co-Washes and Beard Shampoo.

        Approximate shelf life:

        • Oils, balms and butters: 1 to 1.5 years
        • Beard Co-Wash (The Companion): 1 year
        • Beard Wash (The Accomplice) : 3 years

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews Write a review

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Sarah R.
        The Enchantress is enchanting!

        While I'm sorry for the terrible writing in that subject line, I am not sorry I got the chance to try Barbu's new skin oil, the Enchantress. This oil has converted me to where I'm not sure I can go without it! My husband uses Barbu and mentioned the Enchantress to me. Originally, I thought, "Meh." That's right. I am a picky skin product person, having always disliked the feeling of many lotions and oils on my skin, while simultaneously hating the feeling of dry skin. I'm an outdoor cyclist, so my skin gets DRY. My bathroom is littered with the mostly full bottles of lotions tried and discarded. I thought skin oil will feel super oily, take forever to absorb, and probably leave spots all over my clothes where it has transferred. I could not have been more wrong. My husband surprised me with the Enchantress and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful presentation. The lovely lavender bag and the gradient purple and clear bottle are perfect. But what would it feel like on? I took a bike ride the next morning, came home, showered, and put on this oil after. I was shocked. It went on smoothly and absorbed nearly immediately. My skin felt smooth and soft, with no weird texture or greasy residue. I could still smell the soft fragrance on my skin even after the oil was absorbed; not overwhelming but there. By the end of the day, my skin was still soft and had a great feel and I could even still smell a hint of the tasty fragrance on my arms. SO happy with this oil.

        Alyson Neuber
        I Love The Enchantress

        My husband has always used beard oils but could never find one that he truly liked. He has since discovered Barbu and wears their products everyday. After multiple conversations about this company and their products, I knew the love he had for everything with their name on it. For my birthday, I was presented a little purple bag that was from Barbu. I had no idea what to expect and was completely blown away. Not only is the scent of this unique and floral, but it just soaks into the skin. Since using this oil, I have said goodbye to other company's less natural products. Just like my husband, I am now devoted to Barbu!

        Feelin’ like The Enchantress

        My husband uses Barbu products on his beard. I also love the stuff (on him, sure, but I sneak cowash often) so you can imagine my surprise when I got home one day to find a small purple burlap bag with what looked like a feminine product inside. My hubby had gotten me Barbu’s first ever body oil “for her” : The Enchantress! Right away I really liked the citrusy florals I smelled, but it wasn’t till I used it after my shower that I got the importance of it. My skin absorbed it quickly and I realized - my skin’s been thirsty! The majority of store bought products (the less natural ones) may smell good, but they don’t improve the quality of your skin. Straight out of the shower I apply a few drops to my neck, elbows and legs; beyond the incredible scent, I really am feeling and seeing the benefits! Sometimes I even apply it to my hands/nails/cuticles to keep them softer. Thanks, Barbu!