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Barbu Beard Co. Walnut Comb with Genuine Leather Sleeve

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We wanted to design and create something uniquely different from the rest. Our handcrafted beard comb comes with a custom genuine leather sleeve. Perfect for your everyday carry needs.

The Comb

Handmade from solid Walnut one of the strongest woods in nature will last you a lifetime. Who knows maybe you'll pass it down to your grandson one day, now that would be awesome! We make our own combs with pride and love. These unique combs come engraved with our logo and sealed to protect from moisture. They are the perfect size to keep in your pocket or in your daily bag. They're hand sanded with various grits to ensure a smooth and snag free finish. 

The Sleeve

We designed a custom genuine leather sleeve to go along with our comb complete with the Barbu Beard Co. logo. Our sleeve is multi-functional. Not only does the comb fit snug and stay in place but you'll even have space for your favorite credit card and a few bucks. Perfect for a short trip to the store without having to take your entire wallet. The leather is thick and durable and can withstand the wear of daily use.


Our combs are handmade and not machined over seas. Because of this, every comb is characteristically unique. No comb is identical. Meaning you'll get a one of kind piece. 

Both combs and leather sleeves are handmade in the USA.

The Walnut and leather are USA sourced raw materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Guthrie
Great handmade comb

I have to say this is the most beautiful comb I own! It glides through my beard! The leather case also looks amazing!

The beardsmen's comb!

This comb is top notch, just like everything else from Barbu. If you've had a beard of any substantial length and you haven't tried a comb like this then you don't know what your missing yet. I have a nice titanium comb, and some nicer plastic combs that I have used in the past, and have said that I was going to get one of these. Well I finally pulled the trigger and will say that my expectations were met and exceeded. Nice real leather sleeve for the comb, and a very nice piece of walnut. The best beard combing experience I have had. Get off the fence and get one!

Daniel Sinsley
Awesome price

I just can't help it. I really luv this comb. I use it in my head hair. My facial hair isn't long enough yet. Wood, real leather. Come on... How could you not like it. The combo is way cheaper than any metal ones. The teeth are nicely spaced. I take them to work in my shirt pocket.


As with everything I've received from Barbu, the comb and leather sleeve are awesome. Great quality, nothing cheap about the comb or the leather. I love that the leather sleeve can double as an extra wallet. It has just enough room for a couple credit cards and/or cash if you don't want to carry your typical wallet with you.

The comb you didnt know you needed

I cannot say enough about this product the quality is amazing from the beautiful smooth finish of the walnut to the awesome leather pouch to carry it in. Just incredible all around! Highly recommend this product!