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The Pirate (Original amber bottle ONLY)

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The Pirate from The Upper Branch Collection

THIS IS A LIMITED RUN OF THE ORIGINAL AMBER BOTTLE NOT THE UPPER BRANCH (Amber bottle with traditional carrier blend and burlap packaging)


 What you'll get

One ounce (1 fl oz) of handcrafted all natural made with organic ingredients beard oil.

A protective rubber coated glass bottle (similar to those traditional baby milk bottles used in the 1950's.) Will not break as easy as a standard glass bottle.

Cork top with a paracord lanyard for easily removing the cork. (PLEASE REMOVE CORK CAREFULLY TO AVOID DAMAGING IT)

1 Dropper for application (please maintain/care for your dropper as it will not seal or fit the mouth of the bottle).

1 Handcrafted Barbu branded wooden box with certificate and ingredients description. 


You will find the same amazing scent profile as seen from the original Pirate with a bit of added kick for intensity. The Pirate is a sweet and spicy profile infused with aromas of Bay Rum(essential oil), undertones of Vanilla, spiced Black Pepper and invigorating citrus to provide a complex multi-layered and enjoyable experience. It encompasses all the characteristics of the Caribbean but we are not responsible if you get an urge to pillage! The Pirate's profile is created ONLY with pure essential oils, no fragrance oils were used. 


New Carrier Formula (The Upper Branch Collection)

A blend of all natural and organic carrier oils to ensure your beard stays nourished and hydrated. No artificial fillers or preservatives or water down junk in any of our products! We source our oils from the top brands on the market to ensure a healthy and satisfied beard. Carrier oils used for The Upper Branch Collection are as follows: Organic Jojoba, Organic Argan, Organic Grape seed, Organic Sweet Almond, NON-GMO Avocado, Organic Baobab, Organic Camellia, Organic Watermelon Seed, Kosher/Vegan Meadowfoam, Organic Castor and Vitamin E.


How to Apply

You will have the option of carefully removing the cork and pouring desired amount onto the palm of your hand or use the provided glass dropper. Make sure you maintain your dropper and cork the bottle once you are done. Your dropper can be stored in a clean ziplock bag to avoid dust and moisture.

Depending on your beard length place several drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together. Massage the oil into your skin and out onto your beard in a back and forth motion. Rub the leftover oil into your hair or those faded out tattoos (if you have any). Use our handmade in the USA, Barbu Beard Co. Walnut wooden comb and comb in a downward motion carefully not to graze the skin. If you need added hold use our Barbu Beard Co. beard balm to keep those little wild beard hairs in line. 

 *PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO A WORLDWIDE SHORTAGE and the EXPENSIVE COST OF BAY RUM ESSENTIAL OIL, The Pirate will be available until our stock of Bay Rum essential oil runs out. Once we have depleted our inventory and if bay rum is still not available The Pirate will be out of stock until things change. This profile will be limited until further notice. We will NOT use Bay Rum fragrance oils as a replacement. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love Barbu products and shipping was fast

Mike vaughan

The Pirate is an excellent profile, it’s almost like a clean spicy mix. I feel like I just got all dressed up for a night out at the beach. Stepping out on the boardwalk I can feel the breeze and almost taste the salty air. Just as we walk through the restaurant door to set some fresh seafood I snap out of it, oh shit, I’m gonna miss my turn for work. That was a close call.

Doug K.
The Pirate Beard Oil

The Pirate beard oil is a very good product with a great scent. The Pirate is a subtle scent that lasts a good part of the day. And that’s what I look for in a beard oil. Thanks Abraham, will definitely buy again.

Clayton McGhan
Take your beard to the next level

Wow, product is great. Not really an oil person but The Pirate is fantastic. The old lady just want to put her nose up to my beard when she sees me. Must be some sort of pheromone extracted from Black Beard himself cause she’s giving me the “Tiger Eye” full time. This not only takes your beard to the next level, it quite possibly could take your relationship to the next level. Get some of this, you won’t be disappointed. Get your peg leg on.

Adam M.
Order this oil, and it will change your life!

Stop what your doing right now after you read this review, and hit the add to cart button. You won't regret it...The Pirate beard oil and balm has the perfect balance of smells coupled with the best carrier oil to make the best, least greasy, refreshing feeling oil I have ever used....and I have tried alot of different companies beard oils and balms before I found Barbu Beard Company. My advice is order the oil and balm set (best value) and use them together each day. I apply the oil, and then the balm last as the balm has a nice medium hold to it that helps to keep all my beard hard in order. Nothing else out there compares. Shipping is fast, communication from them is great, and they are quite simply a top notch company that truly has my interests in mind as their customer.