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The NightWatch Beard Butter

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The NightWatch Beard Butter

After a long day, our minds are still racing before we head to bed with thoughts and worries making it difficult to settle down sometimes.  We wanted to create the perfect night time butter, not only to keep your beard hydrated and conditioned throughout the night but most importantly we created an essential oil blend that promotes relaxation while allowing for better breathing during your sleep. Our butter is made with All Natural and Organic ingredients infused with 100% Pure Therapeutic grade Essential oils.

What you'll get

    Two ounces (2 oz) of handcrafted all natural beard butter made with organic ingredients in an AWESOME black screw top tin.  


    We experimented with many formulas of essential oils in order to create the right balanced scent for The NightWatch. The goal was not to craft a medicinal aroma but a complex, pleasant and relaxing profile for the night time senses. We infused the aromas of Cedarwood and Lavender known for their calming properties. Along with undertones of Peppermint and Vanilla also known to sooth your nasal cavity. There are a few more oils to our blend, but of course that's a secret. 

    So if you are looking for a soothing and relaxing scent to guide you into your dreams for the night, give The NightWatch a try. 

       Carrier and Butter Formula

        A blend of all natural and organic carrier oils to ensure your beard stays nourished and hydrated through the night. No artificial fillers or preservatives or water down junk in any of our products! We source our oils from the top brands on the market to ensure a healthy and satisfied beard. Butters and Carriers oils used in The NightWatch: Organic yellow Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Organic Sweet Almond, Vegan/Non-GMO Kokum Butter, Organic Castor, Organic Coconut oil,Vitamin E and 100% Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils.


          The last thing you need is runny ink on your hands when you are applying your butter. All our product labels are oil and water-proof.

          How to Apply

            Using the back of finger nail, scrap a dime size amount and place in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together. Massage the butter into your skin and out onto your beard in a back and forth motion.  Use our handmade in the USA, Barbu Beard Co. Walnut wooden comb and brush in a downward motion carefully not to graze the skin. The Barbu Beard Co. boar bristle brush is also great to lightly shape your mane.

            Notes: Though The NightWatch can be used at anytime of the day, because of the scent profile and the homeopathic effects of the essential oils we used, we recommend using it before bed.



            *As a small batch company we maintain our products fresh by making small amounts. Therefore we never have products sitting on our shelves for very long. We suggest these tips for maintaining the longevity of our products.

            Keep products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure that you securely tighten caps and closures to avoid oxidation and scent loss. Avoid moisture and water from making contact with products. Especially products kept in the shower like Co-Washes and Beard Shampoo.

            Approximate shelf life:

            • Oils, balms and butters: 1 to 1.5 years
            • Beard Co-Wash (The Companion): 1 year
            • Beard Wash (The Accomplice) : 3 years

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 10 reviews Write a review

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 10 reviews
            Nighty night

            This was the very first scent I used from Barbu and it is a killer! It can be a little overpowering of you go too heavy handed with it, but once you find your comfort out! Amazing scent that leaves the beard feeling very soft.

            Officially part of my night routine

            For a while I would always use beard oil as my night routine before going to bed, until I I discovered the Nightwatch beard butter, and my beard totally loves it. Great product for your beard, it hydrates it throughout the night and it feels great and refreshing the next morning. Totally recommend it for those who are looking for a beard product to apply before going to bed! Your beard will thank you!

            Mike vaughan
            Perfect night butter

            After a hard day at work there’s nothing like a shower and then throwing in some Barbu. Especially the Nightwatch. The cedar, vanilla, lavender, and peppermint calm your mind right down. It is so pleasant. The butter is really nice, I feel like it nourishes my beard well. It’s got a little hold with the wax in it, but that’s ok. I highly recommend.

            Brian Knoblich
            Nightwatch the best I've ever used!

            I've been using the it for almost 5 days now. Let me tell you this stuff is awesome. You can smell all the different kinds of oils. It's really smooth in you hands. The next day my beard feels like a million bucks. I highly recommend this. Thank Abraham and you team for all the hard work you do for making incredible products.


            This is such a calming and smooth butter. Definitely awesome after a long day at work. So relaxing