The Bearded Storie reviews The Storyteller!

A few months ago we established a friendly dialogue with Matthew AKA The Bearded Storie or as I call him Mr. Storie. Matthew is based out of TN and has recently been blowing up on the review scene. He prides himself in creating reviews that are honest, insightful and thorough. 

Matthew and I developed a friendship, and soon thereafter I offered to make a personal scent for him and the rest is history. I wanted to create a scent that would personify his character. I felt his name and deep Tennessee voice would perfectly compliment the tittle The Storyteller. Watch this creative and engaging review and see for yourself! Fantastic job Matthew, thank you! For my first collaboration I couldn't have chosen a better person to work with. 

If you want straightforward reviews that are insightful and informative go check him out, use the links below. 



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