Latest Review from Beardmode!!

We're happy to share our most recent review by reviewer Beardmode101. Brian is a beard care reviewer based out of Colorado that has sampled hundreds of brands and a variety of beard oils and beard balms amongst other things. We made contact with him back in September but unfortunately hurricane Irma hit! so our ability to ship out our product became slightly delayed. Nonetheless we managed to send Brian a complete set of our oils, balms and a handmade comb. He is great to work with and kept his review very objective.

Both qualities we look for in people that review our products.. We want honesty!! Long story short Beardmode made an amazing review. We are so grateful for his time and his dedication to the beard world. 

Additionally, for the end of 2017 he made a count down of the best beard oils of different categories. We are very happy to announce that Barbu Beard Co. was chosen Top 3 for "The Best Wood Scent" (The Carpenter) and Top 3 for "The Best Bay Rum Scent" (The Pirate). That is a huge compliment! We are so excited that our hard work and dedication in providing a clean, honest and quality product has been recognized.

Thank you Beardmode!

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IG: @beardmode101


Definitely worth a watch:

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