JoelNert Reviews Barbu!! PLUS shares his eLearning course on beard care!

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Joel is an awesome Youtube reviewer that devotes his videos not just to review beard care but also everything from camping gear to Pepsi cola to blowing up kale! that's right blowing up kale!!! His approach simultaneously comical yet informative. He's done an amazing job in review practically the entire line up and has become a huge supporter.

Additionally we are including his eLearning course on beard care. Joel developed this course for beardsmen to better understand how to maintain and manage their beards. We've included a link so you can take the thing about it is that it's FREE!!




eLearning Beard Care course


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  • Joel on

    Thanks for posting this on here, Abraham. This was the most fun I’ve had doing a beard product review. I hope prospective or veteran beardsmen can learn something from my eLearning course.

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