Drew's Obessions Reviews Barbu Beard Co.

Today we bring you our latest review from Drew's Obsessions. Drew is a well known beard care reviewer out of Canada. He reached out to us and asked if we'd be interested in having him review some of our products. Drew has a huge collection of beard care and how to tips for all bearded men regardless of style, length or type. He is extremely talented in composing and editing his videos which is huge when you consider delivery. 

We jumped on this opportunity because as a small company getting the word out is a top priority in addition to having a well crafted video to help promote our brand. 

Drew did a fantastic job is detailing all of the items we sent him which included: Beard Notes (our proprietary man book), The BlackSmith oil and balm and our company T-shirt. 

We hope you enjoy his review of Barbu Beard Co. and don't forget to like the video!

Website: http://www.drewsbeard.com

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/atyers/featured



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