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Carlos reached out to us through IG because he was interested in making a purchase. He was tipped off to us by the one and only BeardMode. Carlos received his package and had generously wrote an outstanding review on IG. He even changed his private setting to public so we could repost his review! Now that says a lot.. Thank you Carlos, not only for your purchase but also for taking the time and effort in writing a wonderful review for us. CHECK IT OUT!!

thepuga511A big shout out to @barbubeardco for my first order. I choose to purchase The Grower scent of their Beard Oil and Balm line. It is an awesome scent that will pair very nicely with the upcoming Spring and Summer Seasons. It's a fresh citrusy scent that is very inviting and invigorating. @barbubeardco packs there BEARD GROOMING PRODUCTS WITH ALL NATURAL NOURISHING INGREDIENTS. I was so impressed by the packaging. They truly went the extra mile by throwing in some extra items. The attention to detail shows and tells me that they truly take the time to make sure that there product is a great representation of there company and that it gets to the customer in tip top shape. A big shout out to Abraham from @barbubeardco for the handwritten note. That was a classy move and made the order much more personal. I look forward to my next order. Get to @barbubeardco And grab yourselves some of their AWESOME ALL NATURAL NOURISHING BEARD GROOMING PRODUCTS as well as their COOL BEARD SWAG. Also a big shout out to @beardmode101 for directing me to @barbubeardco with his honest reviews of their products.

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great products been using them for a while and they are simply amazing. great scent and healthy beard just by applying for a few weeks now. pirate is one of my favorites. don’t miss out on these great products

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