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The 1 Ounce

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Beard Oil 1 oz Flask

No more worries of carrying around beard oil in a glass bottle and risking broken  glass in your pocket or daily carry pack. We are happy to introduce a simple way to take your favorite Barbu beard oil anywhere you go. Enjoy your beard oil while at the range, sporting event or at work with our custom beard oil flask. This unique piece is not only functional and safe for carry, but will definitely grab some attention.

What you'll get

Our flasks come with a key chain attachment for keys or can also be clipped on any inside pocket of your EDC bag. 

Stainless Steel construction.

Custom engraved Barbu Beard Co logo. (In the U.S.A.)

Unique beard gear and cool factor!

*It is advisable not to keep your oil in the flask for days on end, as this is intended for travel or daily carry. We advise rotating your oil every 2 or 3 days.  Even though you will get a tight seal from the enclosure, oxidation may occur. To clean out, simply rinse with gentle dish soap and warm water and allow to fully dry before introducing new oil to it. The flask MUST be dried out before refilling it to avoid bacterial growth. 


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