The Purist Set

The Purist Set

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The Purist Set

What you'll get

    One ounce (1 fl oz) of handcrafted all natural made with organic ingredients beard oil in a hand printed burlap sack, perfect for travel or being on the go. Our oils come with dropper tops and in glass amber bottles to protect the longevity of our oils and keep you satisfied.

    Our Barbu Beard Co. beard balm is a medium hold in a 1 oz tin, great to keep those little wild beard hairs in line. Our balms are made with All Natural and Organic ingredients and 100% Pure essential oils just like our beard oils.


      Ever feel like you want to sport a nice cologne but don't want to walk around like a human air freshener? or you're simply very sensitive to essential oils? Well in that case, we decided to come out with an unscented beard oil filled with all the same health benefits found in our scented oils minus the essential oils. We're calling this one The Purist because sometimes it's better to just keep it simple.

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